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    AFP - Professionalizing Educational Activities

    The professionalizing educational activities (AFP) provide future doctors with the professional skills essential for the pursuit of post-graduate activities. During the clinical instruction, the student is required to acquire specific skills in the field of internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as medical and surgical specialties, by attending facility care for a total of at least 60 credits.

    AFP are a form of tutorial teaching carried out under the direct supervision of a teacher-tutor and imply a simulation of the activity at a professional level with a considerable degree of autonomy.

    AFP can also be carried out with the aid of advanced medical simulators with the virtual practice of managing clinical cases and specific procedures.

    Upon completion of the AFP, a report will be drafted by the Professor with the indication of the year of course, student data, number of credits awarded, date of completion, and obtained judgment.


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